With TJH Auto garage services Barnstaple, it all started with a car crash… a lot of them!

As a local boy from Hartland, Tim Hookway was always destined to be a farmer. However he soon found out it was the machinery rather than the crops and animals that interested him. It was this and his love of motorsport that encouraged him to be a Peugeot Master Technician for just under a decade, a highly successful rally driver, and for his team at Roundswell – TJH Motorsport – to win the 24-hour race at Silverstone year after year.

Being very competitive is in Tim’s blood, so it wasn’t long before he realised he could provide a better service than any other garage in the Barnstaple area, so he set up his own garage services in 2000. He loves putting cars back together just as much as he liked breaking them in his rallying days, so he’s built his garage services up with a team of people who are equally as brilliant at what they do. So whether it’s an MOT, service, general maintenance, body repair or diagnostics, customers get the high quality service they deserve.

“A lot of garages are driven by profits and sales,” he says. “I just want a customer to walk in and think, ‘these are the people I can trust to look after my car’.”

Tim insists on putting his customers first with everything they do.

“We are an independent garage in Barnstaple that relies on repeat custom and word-of-mouth so we HAVE to be good. This is why we always give any job 110%.”

This means they are a business built on trust, honesty and integrity. All essential elements when you need them to help you keep your car on the road safely. Part of the Good Garage Scheme, Tim Hookway’s Barnstaple garage has been looking after its customers in North Devon for 14 years, and they’re going from strength to strength. That fact in itself speaks far louder than words. You don’t have to take their word for it…. just look at what their customers are saying.

TJH Auto Your Local Trusted Barnstaple Garage… 110%!